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Contractor Registration

Iowa law requires all individual contractors and businesses performing "Construction" work within Iowa to register with the Iowa Division of Labor and renew annually if earning at least $2,000.00 a year from construction. More information can be found by reviewing the Iowa Code and Administrative Rules.

Plumbing, HVAC/R, Hydronics and Mechanical Professionals

If your business provides any type of plumbing, mechanical, HVAC, refrigeration, sheet metal or hydronic system services, you are required to obtain a license and Contractor Registration through the Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board. Visit the Plumbing & Mechanical Systems Board website to complete a joint application for a 3-year registration and contractor license or call 866-280-1521. Do not complete an online application and payment on this website or with Contractor Registration.

Unemployment Insurance Number

Every contractor is required to obtain an unemployment insurance number before applying for contractor registration even if the contractor has no employees. To obtain an unemployment insurance number visit www.myiowaui.org or contact customer service at IWDuitax@iwd.iowa.gov or 888-848-7442 (select language, then option 1, option 2).

New Registration

If you do not have a previous contractor registration, you may apply for a new registration. You will be required to register your business with Iowa Enterprise A&A (Authentication & Authorization), by clicking 'New User Account' or login with an existing A&A account. Once you have authenticated your email address, log in with your IOWAID to set a password and complete the application process.

In order to process your application in a timely manner, please have all of your required attachments ready to upload. If your application is not completed with the required information, it will delay your registration issuance and you may not be able to pull permits in the State of Iowa. If you need help at any time, please review our detailed online instructions.


If you are already a registered contractor, you can access your registration profile by clicking 'Renew Registration', this will take you to the Iowa Enterprise A&A (Authentication & Authorization) site. Once you've signed in, you will be returned to the 'Renew Registration' page where you can review/edit your profile information, download a copy of your Registration Certificate, make payments, or renew your registration. The email address and FEIN you use when setting up your A&A account MUST MATCH the information you provided when you registered as a contractor. If you need help at any time, please review our detailed online instructions.

Registering an Out-of-State Business

Out-of-state contractors must file a $25,000.00 surety bond at the time of registration. The bond must meet the following three criteria in order to be valid:

  1. the bond must be executed by a surety company licensed to do business in Iowa.
  2. the bond must be issued on our Out-of-State Bond form with the bonding company's seal and two original signatures.
  3. the bonding company must attach their Power of Attorney (POA) to the form. Once we have accepted a valid bond, we consider it continuous until we receive a bond cancellation from the bonding company.

Renewing contractors will not be required to provide continuation certificates.

If an out-of-state contractor is pre-qualified to bid on projects for the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT), they may submit their IDOT-issued pre-qualification letter in lieu of a bond.

A contractor with a branch office in Iowa does not qualify as an in-state contractor if the contractor's business is primarily based outside of Iowa.

Upload the Out-of-State Bond and POA forms in the attachment section of the application process.


While all contractors must register, some contractors may be able to register without paying the $50.00 fee. A self-employed contractor who does not pay more than $2,000.00 annually in wages to employ other people, and who does not work with or for other contractors in the same phase of construction at a job site, qualifies to register at no charge. If you meet the conditions, complete the Fee Exemption Form, have it notarized, and upload before submitting the online application.

Service Charge

There is a 3% service fee added to your total purchase amount if you pay by credit/debit card or a 30 cent service fee added to your ACH (checking account) payment.

Contractor Registration cannot renew or accept payments over the phone.

If you encounter any problems please contact the Contractor Registration staff at 515-242-5871, or email at contractor.registration@iwd.iowa.gov.